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$45-60 Mins for first trial Lesson.

1. Then we will help you decided with package is use full for you.

2. All prices included Tax, School Vehicle and Gas.

3. Free Pick up and Drop off at Skytrain

4. Any Days ICBC Road Test Available. 

Vehicle Rental and Road Test Session

$75-Vehicle for ICBC Road Test only  (incl Delivery)

$130-Review Lesson+ Car for ICBC Road Test

$150-Vehicle Rental for ICBC Standby Road Test. 

​​ (Any Days ICBC Road Test Available, Call for Detail)

Saving Packages: 

$165-Pk: A - 2 x 90 mins lesson. 

$325-Pk: B - 4 x 90 mins lesson. 

$485-Pk: C - 6 x 90 mins lesson. 
$795-Pk: D - 
10 x 90 mins lesson. 

Saving Packages With Vehicle for Road Test:

$295-Pk: E - 2 x 1.5hr lesson+ Review Lesson+ ICBC Test.  

$450-Pk: F - 4 x 1.5hr lesson+ Review Lesson+ ICBC Test

$610-Pk: G - 6 x 1.5hr lesson+ Review Lesson+ ICBC Test. 

$920-Pk: H - 10 x 1.5hr lesson+ Review Lesson+ ICBC Test. 

$1070-PK: I - 12 x 1.5hr lesson+ Review Lesson+ ICBC Test. 

( This Packages, Recommended for Beginners, 90% Passed on 1st Exam)

Individual Lessons:

1 Hour - $60          
1.5 Hour - $90
2 Hours - $120

NOTE: Any Credit Card Payments will Be Subject to a Merchant Charge